You should carefully consider whether is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. Opinions, market data, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. The 3 bar chart pattern is one of the more common trading setups. The reason it’s so common makes it an easy target for newbie traders when they do their scans. A live futures trading room therefore will typically see a futures day trader telling you how to trade the commodity futures or the E-mini S&P500 futures contract in an emini futures trading room.


Moderators control the chat programs and help police for malcontents. Most services also charge a fee, which further deters trolls. A trading room can go by many different names and is one of the main services offered by online trading signal services, e-learning courses and what not. A live trading room is often advertised as “The big thing” is sold to traders as a unique service where you get to see and trade in real time how the so called professionals trade. Online trading rooms, chat rooms might not be a great place where you can really develop your skills as a trader, but they can help you find the right mindset of people and other traders. A futures trading room can go by many different names.

Talking about subscription costs, the truth is that most live trading rooms are sold as exorbitant subscription rates that are open almost round the clock. Now if you happen to by just a part-time futures day trader, chances are that you will hang out at the futures trading room for just an hour or two per day and maybe few times a week. But, you still continue paying for the full subscription. Investors Underground have a website, youtube channel, trading courses and day trading chat room. Each are an excellent educational resource that provide beginner material as well as day trading informational resources like a daily watch list of top stocks, accompanied by game plans and rationale. You’ll be part of an interactive community of traders that constantly leverages the DTI method and tools to help you achieve your trading goals.

The live-chat feature is available with the Benzinga Pro Essential plan, which costs $197 per month or $1,997 annually. Nasdaq real-time quotes, advanced newsfeeds, real-time scanners, and the audio squawk are included in the price. Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age.


Why didn’t Aaron stay at the darkness retreat for the full 4 days? Although Rodgers had previously said he planned to spend four days and four nights at the facility, he reportedly arrived on Monday and left on Wednesday. That decision-making process seems to be progressing, as Scott Berman, who owns Sky Cave Retreats, told ESPN that Rodgers left the facility. Informational listing regarding the Harmonized Tariff. The USITC is responsible for publishing the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated . The HTSA provides the applicable tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the United States.


To coin Bill you are moving him for pennies on the dollar. He needs at least one good stretch to give a front office even a little faith, otherwise why would you trade for a guy who isn’t even cracking the roster. It won’t happen but I wouldn’t bat an eye if Nets just bought him out. Think that could work for him in a small market with no expectations.

bear bull trader

Our options and futures trade room contains diverse trading strategies focusing on stocks, options, and futures. You can use this room to chat and bounce-off trade ideas and paper trade. We have people discussing different long-term plays as well as short-term strategies. For example, options spreads, iron condors, calls, and puts, trading the $ES, $NQ, micro futures, and other popular futures products. There is a lot of discussion regarding earnings, the FOMC, overall market conditions, and so on. We want to think of our trading rooms and community as thepay it forwardmovement within the trading world.

What are the benefits of using chat rooms in trading?

With the best stock chat rooms, you can share information, stay up on the latest trends and pick the brains of some of the best traders out there. And don’t worry, we’ll breakdown everything you need know about stock chat rooms. From free subscriptions to fee paying options, this comprehensive guide has all the details before you sign up.

  • Also, an online community allows investors to chat with others about their goals and successes and challenges.
  • Alexander is the founder of and has 20 years of experience in the financial markets.
  • So, feel free to ask questions, share charts, and trade ideas, whenever you feel comfortable.
  • This is unlike other chat rooms which require a paid subscription of their full service.

Please do not follow any of our trades unless you are fully comfortable with the risks of being a trader. Again, we’re not like other stock-pumping trading companies you see. When first starting out, many traders quit before they have a chance to develop a rythm. With a stock chat room, you can learn from more advanced traders, receive support and inspiration and feel comfortable knowing you’re not alone. The traders in the chatroom are a community of full and part-time traders. Since Benzinga Pro is focused on stock market news, many of the traders talk about and react to market-moving news.

Penny Stocks Room

Bear Bull Traders is a fast-growing community specialized in day trading strategies and education. Funded by Andrew Azis in 2016, Bear Bull Traders offers top-notch stock trading education and a stock chat room with real-time streamed charts, scanners, and live trade executions. Trade roomsare where the action takes place each day in most trading services.

Learning how to trade for yourself is important, and not rely on some company or trading guru to call out trades for you. That’s a recipe for disaster and precisely why most traders fail. You’ll need to know how to scan for setups and place trades yourself to succeed as a trader. Have you ever been sitting at your trading station wishing you had someone to run a setup or a stock by?

For the buyout issue, it doesn’t look like they’re going to target anyone at this point. If they decide to fill the 15th spot, I could see them Chris Chiozza by March 1 to a rest-of-season deal but leaving him in Long Island where he could lead the team to a G-League title. And I’m not even sure he has the durability to match up down low.

It is easy and perhaps understandable as to why one wouldn’t be tempted to take the easy route. It takes many new traders at least six months to a year to feel comfortable trading. That’s why we say not to rush the learning curve that comes with a trader. We suggest studying for 1-2 hours every day for several months until you feel comfortable. Again, we’ve given our members a lot of resources to help them get started.

There is a difference between mental health issues and being mentally weak. I’m not saying he wasn’t dealing with issues that led to his philly exit, but I do not think mental health is the reason he doesn’t work on his shot. The guy is old, declining, weird, and probably not worth the money. Welcome to the Jets or Raiders, two teams so desperate to win they’ll do anything to make a splash! The Browns were so desperate they gave up 6 picks for Watson, along with a fully guaranteed 230 million dollar contract , all for a player who has a dubious personal history. If a team is willing to do that, the Jets or Raiders can talk themselves into trading for Rodgers.

mental health issues

The Bullish Bears Discord is custom-built with some of the industry’s leading scanners, tools, and Discord bots. All these tools cost several hundred dollars per month but are included in your membership. We can stress enough how valuable these tools are and the incredible amount of time and effort it took our team to customize each. Just check your social media feed, and you’ll see their ads all over the place. We emphasize and focus on teaching you how to trade and not on pumping ourselves up. Multiple days in a room without natural light while food is brought to you?

Best Stock Chat Rooms Summary

It gives a walkthrough on Merritt’s trades in great detail and even provides his thought process. Apart from the usual real time chats, the Chat Room offers a handful of unique features such as the Benzinga News & Live Squawk, Trade Ideas scanner, and a Live Trading Screen and commentary. One of its services to build the Bull Bear community is the Chat Room – a diverse community of traders trading from different parts of the world.

Best Trading Stock Chat Room Options

They have to pay him but they don’t have to play him. Anyone with integrity would leave but we are talking A-A-Ron. I think he can still play but it’s just time to move on.

The USITC conducts investigations on matters involving international trade and industry competitiveness. These investigations often concern the likely impact of changes in trade policy such as trade agreements on the U.S. economy, industries, and workers or provide assessments of U.S. industries. The TradeRoom app allows you to connect to your trading account with your provider.


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