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Look for a confirmation message that your discount has been applied. See the full list of supported stores with coupon codes here. Offers more diverse pricing plans depending on the number of users and volume of documents your business has. It provides tiered packages for small to medium organizations, bigger companies, and large enterprises. Receipt Bank has a Smart Split feature that separates transaction labels before exporting them to your accounting system.


You can either download directly to Excel, CSV or JSON formats or connect Docparser with thousands of cloud applications such as Zapier and Workato. You can choose from a variety of Docparser templates or create your own custom document rule. You can extract important invoice data and then integrate it into your accounting system. Data such as line items, dates, totals, and reference numbers can be pulled. Veryfi software automates construction bookkeeping and allows for real-time field intelligence.

AIDA makes it easy to use Artificial Intelligence to organize your private and professional life. Receipts and bills, medical exams, tickets, and other bookings as well as invoices, orders and contracts are recognized and made digital. The information is also made available in your Apps and in complex business software. It allows you to extract data from your documents from the first day and then use them in the same way that you are used.

Choose from a selection of Docparser rules templates, or build your own custom document rules. Extract important invoice data, then integrate it with your accounting system or download it as a spreadsheet. Pull data such as reference numbers, dates, totals, or line items. PdfFiller is a comprehensive online document management platform that provides businesses with the services of form-building, PDFs editing and e-signing.

How Hubdoc hit $1.6M Revenue with 1K customers in 2023.

Reviso allows attachments, scanned vouchers and mobile capture. You can retrieve documents at audit time, or if you need a copy later on. Reviso facilitates expense management by working closely with company advisors to ensure that financial data is correctly booked. Reviso allows for full quote, order and invoice flows. It also has a flexible template designer that makes small businesses look professional when dealing with customers. Finmatics helps companies and tax offices to experience the future of accounting today.


Invite your accountant, bookkeeper, or business partner to your account. Send invoices to your phone and capture receipts. Expert support available 24/7 online, via phone or on your account. No contracts and a guarantee of a refund within 90 days.

Prepare financesUsers can Prepare, sort and automatically publish paperwork using Prepare with Receipt Bank.

TurboScan transforms your iPhone into a powerful and fully-featured scanner for documents, receipts and books, photos, whiteboards and other text. You can scan multi-page documents quickly in high-quality PDFs or JPEGs using just your iPhone/iPad. You can also name, organize, and send them anywhere. TurboScan uses fast algorithms to detect edges and straighten them , remove shadows, and set the perfect contrast for text – white on black. One-touch brightness, rotation, and color control all in one screen. TurboScan also provides SureScan, a proprietary scanning mode that produces sharper scans in low-light conditions.

Automate time and materials by digitizing and you can eliminate 90% of the time spent manually searching for records and trying to track them down. Bookkeeping has been a monthly ritual in the past. Veryfi has seen exceptional businesses achieve financial success when they steer in real time, not at the end each month. Veryfi is a mobile-first, team-oriented bookkeeper. This makes it fast, reliable, and easy for teams to access information from the field and into a system record with minimal user intervention.

Hubdoc Valuation & Funding

Docfy is the only PDF scanner you will need to manage your invoices, receipts, contracts, bank balances, prescriptions, whiteboards, and more. It is recognized and trusted by industry professionals as one of the best applications for scanning documents. First of all, it offers high-quality pdf scanning through a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Get PDF documents scanned quickly and efficiently with batch scan mode.

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Best Small-Business Apps.

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The web portal allows users to train their custom models. Its clients include Shopping Malls that want product line items extracted from receipts in order to suggest better offers to customers. Private & Public Agencies also use it to expedite the COVID-relief approval by automatically verifying name and address from bank statements. It offers AccurAI, which is an AI-powered data extraction platform that provides savings in document processing with tight integration options.

Founded in Switzerland in 2013, Smallnotes receivable provides what they describe as a simple, secure, and reliable answer to the world’s PDF challenges. Smallpdf boasts serving over a billion users in 24 different languages since 2013, and in every country in the world. Kofax PaperPort is a document management software offering. It includes features such as desktop document management solution and allows you to manage and organize your documents in one solution. Invoice Inbox allows your suppliers to send your email invoices directly to Envoice.

  • Supports both large enterprises and small business growth and offers user permissions that Hubdoc cannot provide.
  • Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness.
  • PdfFiller is a comprehensive online document management platform that provides businesses with the services of form-building, PDFs editing and e-signing.
  • Veryfi is developing the next generation in construction bookkeeping automation software using pure tech and without any limitations to legacy technology or methods.

Cloud-based software suite to streamline business flow. POS, Recruitment and HR, Payroll, and many other features. This book-keeping app allows you to create financial transactions and streamline reporting.

Create beautiful scans from wherever you are, with camera customization and full control of brightness and contrast. Produce professionally finished scanned pdfs with automatic edge detection, cropping and resizing. Overcome space limitations by storing your files on Google Drive, Dropbox, or your device’s SD card.

You will see either a confirmation message of your savings or an error if the code did not work. Receipt Bank’s monthly subscription prices range from £9.99 per month for a single user to £190 per month for a multi-user and all points in-between. Trusted by SMBs and Fortune 500s across the globe. Validating Loyal Solutions Group email can be done by using NeverBounce, a product that helps you verify and clean email lists easily and automatically.

Create customizable invoices and estimates using our templates and save time with our auto-complete feature. Digitize your income and expenses in an instant with our OCR system, just upload an image from your mobile, upload the file to Quipu or send it by email. Don’t waste time filling in the tax forms, Quipu does it automatically for you, without errors. Synchronize your bank, view all your accounts in one place and reconcile bank movements and invoices in a few clicks. Your sales cycle will always be controlled and referenced. You can quickly see what state your documents are in and easily manage them.

All accounting can be handled with the help of new technology. Software for point-of-sale that provides innovative tools to improve productivity and operate every type of business. Drive HRM. The HR and Payroll software allows HR and payroll departments access, process, operate, and manage all aspects of an organization. Desktop Enterprise is a reliable explanation for your trade, restaurant or coffee shop. The perfect POS software that transforms your business.


Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance your scans. Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness. QuickBooks Online is the most widely used accounting software in the world. Get organized for as little as $2 per day Customers save on average $3,534 per year in taxes Take photos of receipts and link them directly to expenses from your smartphone. All questions about QuickBooks can be answered by our agents. Keep your business running smoothly with the apps you already love.

Our templates make it easy to create estimates and invoices that are customizable. You can also save time using our auto-complete feature. Our OCR system allows you to instantly digitize your income and expenses. Simply upload an image from your smartphone, then upload it to Quipu or email it.

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Xero Review.

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You can choose to upload the documents via Basecone, send them by email or upload on the go with the Basecone Spenser app. At Quipu we have been making accounting for small businesses and freelancers easier, automated and paperless for more than 8 years. Check in the Overview the updated financial summary of your business, the synchronized bank accounts, the analysis of income and expenses in a detailed way.

Veryfi is developing the next generation in construction bookkeeping automation software using pure tech and without any limitations to legacy technology or methods. It creates software to automate accounting processes such as the collection of receipts and invoices for small businesses. It was founded in 2010 and is based in London, United Kingdom. DOKKA is a single bookkeeping practice management system. It was founded in 2017 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Docparser identifies and extracts data from Word, PDF, and image-based documents using Zonal OCR technology, advanced pattern recognition, and the help of anchor keywords.


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