Do you know why our country is one of the most traveled places and is admired by everyone across the globe?  India is famous for its rich culture, traditions, historic values, and secularism. India is the only country in the world that has the most diverse culture; depending upon which state you visit; you get to see something new in every aspect. Starting from the colorful festivals to arts, music, attire, food choices, languages and historic significance; India has it all and it varies from every state to state.

Foreigners visit India and appreciate everything about India but why don’t we who are living in the country are capable enough to see what our country has to provide us? The question here that rises or is generally asked is why can’t we change according to the time? We can change and we should change but we shouldn’t let the western culture influence us so much that we tend to forget our roots.

festivalLet’s understand this how; when we celebrate a festival like Diwali or Holi or any special occasion we make sure that we follow the rituals our ancestors have taught us like doing pooja before proceeding for anything new in life but in order to celebrate the Indian rituals, we somehow intervene the foreign touch. It could be using chocolates over sweets or having online pooja over the real recitation of it, etc. But these practices have taken over our lives so much that we have started to forget our roots.

The entire lifestyle of an Indian household has taken a 360-degree rotation and ended up being a house of foreign goods. Consuming foreign goods is not harmful but degrading the Indian based home goods is not right either. The way people dress up, the food we eat, the way we celebrate our festivals or any occasion, the way we talk, the songs we listen, etc., are mere few examples of how much our country has changed and in the process, to progress, we are losing our values and traditions.

It is not wrong to consume foreign goods but only consuming them has affected the Indian market to a great extent that the Indian manufacturers have started to question their existence. We can’t let people think like that right? So many individuals have started to urge the people of India to consume Indian goods more than foreign goods, including foreign practices too.

The Aaslidesi is one such brand that was founded to focus on more Indian based products and now urging people to consume home-based products and choices as compared to the foreign. You’d get everything from grocery to machinery to handicraft and décor products to entertainment to fashion trends etc., under Aaslidesi. The products and materials provided are specially customized for the Indian audience and suit the budget.

The home-based brand is one of the reasons why employment rates have started to increase in the country. The increase in the employment ratio has helped in the global economy of the country as well and has opened gates or ways for various other home-based factories for products and services.

You can decrease the usage of foreign goods by using domestic products and materials. Like for example, prefer to wear pure Indian made clothes, using diyas over Chinese lights during weddings or festivals, etc., will help in increasing the global market for the Indian factories and help you stay near and close to your culture and tradition. The kind of thing Indians are known for.  One of the reasons why Indian based products should be used is because it helps the economy of the country grow by providing unemployed people with employment and a safe future.


We understand that switching from foreign-based products to Indian based products is not an action that you can take in a blink of an eye but you can start by switching daily based items like shampoo, grocery products, and items, fashion and jewelry items, etc from foreign to the handmade or Indian based. This way when you switch onto products it becomes easy for you to stop using the foreign-based products and services. It is to be noted that these products are not being sold with a reason to generate revenue or gain profits but to help the people and the economy of the country. Ultimately people will become loyal towards these brands. The competition in the Indian market has not reached a point where people would have too many brands to choose from so for Indian based products. But soon, people have started to realize that it is important for us as citizens to keep our culture and traditions and ancestors’ techniques alive by using them in the products now.

Aaslidesi is a brand that is helping Indian home-based factories or owners to reach out to a mass audience by raising awareness of the various home-based techniques used to produce the products. The ingredients used in the products under the various categories of Aaslidesi are 100% pure and authentic.  This way we can help the Indian economy to grow and India’s culture to stay intact. We should as a whole community come forward and start using products and services provided by brands like Aaslidesi as they have a whole range of products and services which are affordable and eco-friendly.


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