An Interview With Halifax Designer, Maggie Jayne

The group was in battles with both the police and the media about the way the Ripper murders were being investigated and reported. MacDonald’s murder was described by police and press as a “tragic mistake” because the previous victims had all been prostitutes, and therefore, in the eyes of many, were complicit in their own deaths.

An Interview With Halifax Designer, Maggie Jayne

❖ Lori Attanasio Woodring, ; Joe Marraccino, ; Wendy Milks Coburn, ; Ruby Wang Pizzini, ; Susan Curtis Schneider, ; and Evelyn Achuck Yue, The lesson that Shirley Hegel Hansen () has drawn from the pandemic is that family comes first and we really don’t need too much else, so she really appreciates that all her family members are home now. Her son is home, doing college online, and her husband has been loving working from home. Susan Coombs Hess, PhD ’18’s biggest takeaway from the pandemic has been being able to slow down and accomplish things on her to-do list. She recently retired and has been enjoying traveling, reading, writing, gardening, and finishing house renovations.

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If Great-Uncle Thomas imagined he was preserving his familial property as well as his family name, he would have been grievously disappointed. James Leigh-Perrot tore down the inherited house at Northleigh, selling the land to the Duke of Marlborough.

An Interview With Halifax Designer, Maggie Jayne

A tour of Antarctica proved daunting due to too many passengers and excursions that would test the endurance of a sophomore. That didn’t slow them down as they prepared for a wildlife safari in India, only to have the borders of that country closed. Joyce has decided to read the entire collection of Dickens’s novels and has come up with a means to extend the life of orchids—she puts the spent orchids in the shower . ❖ Nancy Savage Petrie, 85 Brook St., Noank, CT 06340; email, Online news form.


I sat out the 2016 election cycle, feeling no affinity with either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, and having convinced myself that Hillary would coast to victory. But in January 2019, when 37-year-old South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg began his improbable presidential bid, I jumped at the chance to be part of his historic candidacy. I had no contacts with Pete’s campaign staff, who at that time consisted of four full-time employees. I sent an over-the-transom email to the campaign’s general mailbox, offering my services and CV. Fortunately, an alert college student intern fished the email out and routed it to the policy issues staffer. They had two children, Mark and Brian, and divorced in 1985. “He was fun, firm and fair,” said Brian Rainey, one of his sons.

Austen’s creative choice of names reveals not only her virtuosic talent for riddles and puns. Her names also pick up deep stories from English history, especially the various civil wars, and the blood-tinged differences that played out in the reign of Henry VIII, a period to which An Interview With Halifax Designer, Maggie Jayne she often returns. Considering the major novels alongside unfinished works and juvenilia, Doody shows how Austen’s names signal class tensions as well as regional, ethnic, and religious differences. Featured artist in Flash-Flood issue two, an online publication of photography.

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Our Thursday cocktail party was an electronic meet-and-greet with the breakout rooms letting us renew memories with our classmates. Corey Earle ’07 regaled us the following morning with the on-campus events of our four years, most of which were lost in the mists of time—except for the Asian flu. Fifteen percent of us came down with the bug, including me, for almost two weeks. Following Corey Earle, Jack Neafsey, MBA ’63, gave a fine tribute to Peter Meinig, dedicating a memorial reading room at Uris Library in his honor and acknowledging his contributions to Cornell as a trustee and supporter of Cornell. Compared to alternative expenditures, is it a wise decision? If it’s an investment, will it provide a reasonable return on the principal?

An Interview With Halifax Designer, Maggie Jayne


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